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Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?

By VKimotho
October 9, 2011

As an undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I was fortunate to work in James Thomson’s regenerative biology lab. Jamie (as he was fondly known) was the first cellular biologist in the world to derive the first set of human embryonic stem cell lines and in 2007, matched his previous brilliance with a new ability […]

A Shared Journey

By Palak Shah, MPH graduate (Class of 2010)
July 29, 2011

I get asked more often than not why I’m choosing to attain a Masters of Public Health. I never really knew the perfect answer. I could talk about promoting health, prolonging life, and preventing disease, but this did not wholly encompass my particular attraction to the field. It was not until I dwelled upon an […]

A Classroom Within the Community

By Genevieve Pollio, MPH student
March 17, 2011

My favorite part of the MPH program was the involvement with the community, the people, and exposure to their culture. It was the program’s international hands-on experience that fostered my desire to pursue a nursing degree so I may become a traveling public health nurse. Our classroom was within the communities surrounded by people, which […]