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Climate change is putting children’s lives at risk

By Satesh Bidaisee, Associate Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, St. George's University
August 27, 2018

Our planet’s youngest members didn’t cause climate change — but they’ll be the ones who suffer most from it. A new study from the journal Pediatrics estimates that kids bear 88 percent of the burden of climate-change related diseases.[1] To save thousands of young lives, it’s critical that the next generation of public health professionals […]

It’s Hurricane Season. Small Coastal Nations Need Help.

By HSealy
August 29, 2017

Hurricane Harvey is bearing down on Texas. Meteorologists say the storm could swamp parts of the state with up to 30 inches of rain, causing mass flooding.[1] Harvey is the first hurricane to hit the Lone Star State in nearly a decade. Small, coastal nations in the Atlantic haven’t been so lucky. In recent years, […]

Developed Nations Can’t Afford to Ignore Surging Sea Levels

By HSealy
June 15, 2017

Over 4 million people in Caribbean and Pacific island nations reside in areas now prone to heavy flooding, partly due to rising sea levels caused by climate change.[1]  It’d be a mistake for developed nations to ignore these people’s plight. Left unchecked, rising sea levels could devastate coastal communities in wealthy countries, too. These richer […]