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Flu season is in full swing — here’s how to stay healthy

By StGeorgesUniversity
January 18, 2018

America is in the midst of one of its worst flu seasons in recent history. Already, more than 100 people have died from the disease.[1] It’s possible for people to greatly decrease their chances of catching the virus. Doctors — particularly those in primary care fields — need to teach patients how to do so. […]

Women in Developing Countries Need Reproductive Care

By Frances McGill
January 10, 2018

Every day, 830 women die from pregnancy-related causes. Ninety-nine percent of these women live in developing countries.[1] The international community — particularly the next generation of medical professionals — must provide the reproductive care these women desperately need. Right now, pregnant women in developing countries are often left to fend for themselves. About 45 million […]