Monthly Archives: October 2017

Need a Primary Care Physician? Best of Luck If You Live in a Rural Area.

By Fred Jacobs
October 23, 2017

Rural America faces a shortage of 4,000 more primary care practitioners.[1] Resolving this existing shortage — and stopping it from growing — will require an influx of primary care physicians into these underserved communities. International medical graduates will play a key role in filling these gaps. Twenty percent of Americans live in rural regions. Yet […]

Kids Are Suffering from Learning Disabilities. Doctors Can Help.

By John Madden- Associate Dean of Students
October 19, 2017

One in five American schoolchildren has a learning disability.[1] Very few receive the support they need. Doctors can change that — by identifying learning disabilities earlier. Obviously, learning disabilities make it harder for students to succeed in school. Less than a quarter of students with learning disabilities achieve average or above average grades.[2] Students with […]

As Climate Change Intensifies, So Does the Need for Veterinarians

By Calum Macpherson, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Director of Research at St. George's University
October 5, 2017

Diseases that spread from animals to humans are far more sensitive to changing climate patterns than animal- and human-only pathogens, according to a new report from researchers at the University of Liverpool.[1] That means many of these diseases — referred to as zoonoses — will spread faster and farther in coming years. Veterinarians will play […]