Monthly Archives: April 2017

Self-Driving Cars Might Solve One of the World’s Deadliest Problems

By Satesh Bidaisee, Associate Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, St. George's University
April 28, 2017

Driving may be the most dangerous thing you do each day. Over 30,000 people lost their lives due to human error behind the wheel each year. Non-fatal injuries from driving topped two million in the U.S. alone.[1] And the staggering number of driving-related deaths and injuries worldwide each year has landed road safety among World […]

Urbanization Brings Together People — and Disease

By Calum Macpherson, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Director of Research at St. George's University
April 19, 2017

If you’ve ever taken a trip to a major city like New York, Mexico City, or Beijing, then you’ve seen what urbanization looks like firsthand. You’ve squeezed while walking down crowded sidewalks, packed into a tight elevator or subway car, and watched cars and buses cram into narrow streets. You might have thought to yourself: […]