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Chikungunya (CHIKV) “That Which Bends Up”

By Jeremy Aguinaldo
August 27, 2014

Jerry Aguinaldo is a fourth-term medical student and active member of the Public Health Students Association (PHSA). He received his MPH from the University of South Florida, focusing on global health. As a public health professional, Jerry is interested in infectious diseases on the global scale. Case series: Within a year, six women, ages 20 […]

Practicum Experience in Grenada

By Kate Gulbrand
August 18, 2014

During my last term of coursework, I completed my capstone project, which involved gathering data on the child caregivers in Grenada’s residential homes and shelters for children.  I was specifically looking at the levels of stress and burnout experienced by the caregivers because, as many know, the stress of those taking care of children will […]