A Day Out at Levera National Park

By Kate Gulbrand
May 27, 2014

On May 23, students and faculty, organized by the Public Health Students Association (PHSA), drove to Levera National Park and beach to watch leatherback sea turtles nest as a kickoff to the summer MPH term and a welcome break for other students and faculty. The group of 77 was broken up into three groups and after a brief educational portion along with the rules of turtle watching, were led down to the beach by eco guides. While there, three turtles were nesting and the groups were able to see the entire nesting process from digging a hole, laying up to 100 eggs, and finally burring the eggs before reentering the ocean. Researchers were on hand to answer questions, take measurements of the turtles, tag them for monitoring, or move the eggs if not in an ideal location. The sea turtles nest on Levera Beach from March to July.

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