PHSA Mount Gay Cleanup

By Josephine Gathura
February 18, 2014

St. George’s University’s Public Health Student Association (PHSA) has built a longstanding relationship with the Mount Gay Psychiatric Hospital. As an organization comprised of future public health professionals and medical doctors, we saw fit that we raise awareness regarding the limited resources available to people struggling with mental health in Grenada and do what we can to improve the wellbeing of the Mount Gay patients. This term, we decided to assist the Mount Gay in cleaning the road surrounding the hospital. We arrived at the site at 8 am on February 8, 2014, with 14 volunteers.

Tonia Frame from the Grenada Public Health Association (GPHA) greeted us and told us that in addition to cleaning the road surrounding Mount Gay, once the Matron, Mrs. Humphries, arrived, we would be going inside to do some cleanup as well. Inside Mount Gay, we cleaned out the water drainage ditches and collected litter from the property, focusing mainly on the garden. We collected 20+ bags of garbage over the course of three hours and filled a dump truck with the bags and other large items (broken pallets, furniture, etc.).

“It was really great to see the community get involved once they saw what we were doing,” said PHSA member Jennifer Schneider. “We had one kid who lived next to Mount Gay that helped us almost the entire day. He was great.”

Needless to say, it was a very rewarding experience. “I am always so proud of our members and their dedication to public health,” said PHSA President Kate Gulbrand. “Our group was able to make such an impact in three hours. They worked tirelessly and it paid off!”

PHSA is off to a great start this term and we look forward to the many projects we have coming soon. On March 15, we’ll be hosting a Service Day at Mount Gay Mental Hospital; more details will be provided soon. Also, our Condoms for Cookies bake sale will be taking place February 21 from 11am-1pm at the student center. Funds will be sent to Planned Parenthood Grenada and the Ministry of Health for the purchasing and distribution of condoms.

– Josephine (Eva) Gathura
PHSA Public Relations Chair

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