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Zika Virus Highlights the Need for International Health Programs

By Calum Macpherson, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Director of Research at St. George's University
November 21, 2016

Zika is spreading fast. The virus, which is spread primarily by mosquitoes, has no known cure or treatment. It can cause fever, conjunctivitis, and headaches, among other things. Pregnant women with the virus can give birth to babies with underdeveloped brains. So far, 48 countries and territories in the Caribbean and the Americas have reported […]

Climate Change a Public Health Issue for Small Islands

By HSealy
October 11, 2016

Earlier this year, leaders and policymakers from nearly 200 countries around the world met in Germany to continue what they promised at the historic COP21 conference — creating a plan that will limit global warming. Climate change isn’t just about the health of the environment — it’s about the health of human beings, too. As […]

Notes from the World Health Summit: Day One

By Jenna T. Nakagawa
October 25, 2011

We were spread out over different areas in Berlin, but this morning, we moved in unison. Yes—it was synchronized alarm-ringing. Synchronized eye-rubbing and thinking we would have liked more than our synchronized three or four hours of sleep (oh, Berlin). And so at the same time, we all put on our grown-up clothes, looked at ourselves […]