Practicum Experience in North Carolina

By Stephanie Johnson
July 31, 2014

stephMy practicum experience was not what I had planned on doing nor was it something I thought I would be interested in, but fate had a way of stepping in and I was shown a new world that I never really thought much about before.

Acting as a consultant for a county public health department in North Carolina, U.S. I was tasked with the job of assisting individuals who were awaiting trial for crimes committed receive the necessary insurance coverage that would increase their self-efficacy and health seeking behaviors as well as saving the county tax payers money for medical services rendered to this target population specifically. I am responsible for 750 of these individuals, and this process has taught me a lot about setting aside personal feelings or prejudices for the greater good of the community as well as an individual who is usually tossed aside by society.

My time at SGU has taught me patience, understanding, and genuine concern for those I am surrounded by as well as their contribution to the health of a society as a whole.

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